"I truly believe that getting young people involved is a non-partisan issue. Whether they're conservative or liberal they deserve a voice." -Taylor Beckett

The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County support education reform as a vital way to advance the future of Americans. 

  • Increase teacher pay to incentivise more teachers to come to North Carolina.

  • Help teachers pay for supplies needed in the classroom so that they don’t pay out of pocket.

  • Prioritize student learning over graduation rate. Make sure that students know the things being covered.

  • Ensure schools have the best teachers to inform the next generation.

  • Common Core needs to be reformed to allow more teacher flexibility, less government interference, and quality over quantity learning.

  • Though Common Core needs to be reformed, ensure that states across the country are united in what is being taught.

  • Students shouldn’t be in debt their entire lives for going to school. Allow more affordable in state tuition and free two years of community college for in state students.

The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County want better economic security for all ages, creeds, and colors. A thriving economy is instrumental in many young people’s lives in order to move out and provide for themselves.

  • Cabarrus County needs to ensure workers get paid a living wage. That being said we believe the minimum wage ($7.25) should atleast be increased to match the living wage of North Carolina ($10.96 for a single adult).

  • We want to ensure small businesses can still start and grow so we support an exemption for small businesses making under a certain amount.

  • For a stable transition, we propose a 5 year forgiveness period for businesses to change to the new minimum wage.

  • We wish for the minimum wage to be flexible and flowing to match living wages.


The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County agree that healthcare is one of the most important issues facing America today. 

  • We see the flaws in Obamacare and move to find bipartisan solutions.

  • Our ultimate goal is to create a single payer, medicare for all, healthcare system.

  • Universal healthcare will save businesses money by removing the requirement for them to cover employees.

  • If the federal government will not create universal healthcare then we will support a state system. North Carolina should be a leader among states.


The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County believe that the environment needs to be preserved for future generations. With Cabarrus County in mind we promote that:

  • We invest less in coal and other fossil fuels.

  • We need to invest more in green innovations that allow more job creation.

  • We provide incentives for clean energy businesses to come to Cabarrus County and North Carolina.

  • We ensure protections for farmers.

  • Our water is clean and drinkable. In the past years, citizens of Concord have received notices that their drinking water was polluted.

  • We support Governor Cooper’s stance against offshore drilling and seismic testing off North Carolina’s shores


The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County are opposed to political and racial gerrymandering. It is time to stop politicians from picking their voters. A fair playing field is needed for a pure democratic process. 

  • No more political Gerrymandering.

  • We support Senator Jackson’s Independent Redistricting bill.


The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County stand for issues outside of Cabarrus County such as immigration.

  • Sanctuary cities need to be protected and allowed to carry out justice in their own way.

  • Immigration needs to be easier for law abiding immigrants to prevent illegal immigration.

  • We must have secure borders but amnesty for those who already have crossed over.

  • We stand against ICE raids.

Public Transportation

The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County stand for issues outside of Cabarrus County such as immigration.

​The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County know the state of local public transportation and we stand to improve those conditions. Local government must take an active step in providing public transportation around the fastest growing county in the state.

Reproductive Rights

The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County support Planned Parenthood, knowing that it does more then perform abortions. 2.4 million women, and men visit planned parenthood every year throughout the United States. Planned Parenthood offers as said before more than abortion procedures. This issue expands to males too. Planned Parenthood provides:

  • Breast Exams.

  • Contraceptives.

  • Erectile Dysfunction treatments.

  • And tests for any sexually transmitted disease.

Social Security

The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County aim to preserve social security for our elders and ourselves. Social Security is perhaps the most popular welfare program and it needs to be protected. For that reason we want to put a lockbox on social security so the government can’t take from its funds.

The War On Drugs

The Young Democrats of Cabarrus County call for an end to the war on drugs and reformation of the drug part of the criminal justice system.

  • The War On Drugs has provided little results while wasting trillions of dollars. records that in 2010 the government spent over $15 billion fighting drugs while local and state governments spent $25 million. Making the war cost $500 per second.

  • Legalize Marijuana and tax it. In 2016 Colorado gained $200 million in revenue from taxing marijuana.

  • We need to release those who were imprisoned for possession of marijuana.


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