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December 14, 2019

2017-2018 Platform Expansion

The YDCC Executive Board voted to create a committee which will expand the 2017-2018 platform. The expansion of the platform was attempted twice in 2018, but failed to be achieved. Will this new committee complete their work before the January 1st deadline?

December 14, 2019

YDs For Humanity

Members of YDCC took part in the 2019 Holiday volunteer event, YDs for Humanity. The event took place at the Cabarrus ReStore in Kannapolis. Members cleaned items, discarded unwanted materials, cleaned the backroom, and picked up the parking lot. YDCC has continued its commitment to community service since the 2018 Next Steps Agenda put it at the forefront of operations.

November 11, 2019

Young Democrats: Cabarrus vs Mecklenburg Trivia Night

At the November 11th trivia night competition co-hosted by the Young Democrats of Cabarrus and the Young Democrats of Mecklenburg, the rematch eight years in the making took place.

In 2011 YDCC and YDMC faced off for the first recorded time and in the end YDCC claimed victory. Until 2017 Cabarrus didn't have a YD chapter and so a rematch didn't seem likely for many years. However in 2018 President Taylor Beckett of Cabarrus and then-President Jonathan Peebles of Mecklenburg spoke of a mutual interest in a rematch. The divisions between the two following the 2018 YDNC Convention made a competition seem unlikely once more until the end of the term in 2019 when the two conciliated. President Peebles was soon succeeded by President Allison Allen, who worked together with Taylor and Cabarrus not only on the Gun Violence Forum, but on finally on a rematch.

The four rounds of trivia decided by the two included Charlotte History chosen by YDMC and Movies chosen by YDCC. The two other rounds included various topics. The first round about various topics was won by YDMC, the second about Charlotte history was dominated by YDCC. The third round about movies was a close one, with YDCC emerging slightly ahead. The fourth and final round was the closest with YDMC getting 14,085 and YDCC getting 14,291. Despite winning two close rounds and losing one round, the second round granted YDCC enough points to pull a commanding victory of 82,784 to YDMCs 68,163.

No bad feelings existed as both chapter mingled and laughed afterwords. It remains to be seen if another trivia night will take place next year.

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